Calming Kitchen: Before & After

When I saw the "before" shots of this kitchen remodel in one of St. Paul's most historical and sought-after neighborhoods, I couldn't help but imagine the woman, decades ago, who was thrilled when that avocado-green sink/counter console was installed. I imagine her giving her husband a gigantic kiss and then dialing up her neighbors on the rotary phone to invite them over for coffee and a Danish the next morning so she could show it off.

Trends change, times change, but one thing has remained the same for generations: fixing up and refreshing our homes brings us joy.

This is another phenomenal, #swoonworthy kitchen from Bria Hammel Interiors. I love how Bria's team decided to keep the existing floors and seamlessly work in light-wood open shelving to help the space feel incredibly light and airy given its small footprint. In the adjacent mudroom, the brick flooring and wallpapered ceiling are the icing on this dreamy, creamy cake.

CREDITS: Bria Hammel Interiors

Spacecrafting Photography


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